TIME FOR SOLIDARITY #norqainersunited

We know that this is a challenging time for many, and unlike anything any of us have experienced before. There are many businesses and people who are struggling and need some extra support. NORQAIN has also felt the pressure caused by Coronavirus’ impact on our industry and greater community. Around the world, most watch retail partners have temporarily closed their doors and our products can now almost exclusively be purchased online. The bright spot in all of this is the solidarity that has brought everyone together to overcome this global crisis. We are doing our part to support the local business owners, organisations, shops, restaurants, fitness studios, museums and individuals who have been hit the hardest, as well as our own watch retail partners.

Starting now, March 26th 2020 and until the 2nd of July 2020, with every purchase of a watch on our website, we will donate 15% of the purchase price to the person, business or institute of your choice, and we will also make a contribution to your selected NORQAIN retailer.Let’s unite and help our friends and neighbours: it’s time for solidarity.

How it works
1. Purchase your favourite NORQAIN watch on our website.
2. During the check-out process, you can add the name and contact info of a local business, organisation or individual you would like to support.
3. NORQAIN will donate 15% of the purchase price to the business or person you listed. The donation will be made in your name.
4. NORQAIN will be in touch with the listed party to process your donation. In addition to receiving the monetary contribution, they will also get a confirmation by e-mail.
5. Additionally, you can select a NORQAIN retailer from the list to ensure they receive a contribution as well.

Who you can support
• A local business like a florist, bar, studio or restaurant
• A friend or neighbour in need
• A small-business owner
• A local institution like a museum, cultural centre or theatre
• An athlete or local sports team
• An organisation such as the World Health Organization, a hospital or an urgent-care centre