NEVEREST – The name says it all: This new collection name also underscores a partnership with Norbu Sherpa and Andrea Sherpa-Zimmermann of the Butterfly Help Project. The organisation supports the families and children of sherpas who have lost their lives while guiding climbers through the Himalayan mountains and to the top of Mt. Everest. 10% of earnings from the sales of these NEVEREST timepieces will be donated to the Butterfly Help Project.

„We are so grateful for NORQAIN’s contribution to the Butterfly Help Project“

Norbu Sherpa and Andrea Sherpa-Zimmermann

Ten per cent of the earnings of NEVEREST sales will be donated to The Butterfly Help Project. This organisation, created by Norbu Sherpa and Andrea Sherpa-Zimmerman of Wild Yak Expeditions, helps families of sherpas who have lost their lives in the Himalayan mountains and offers their children access to education. Andrea Sherpa-Zimmermann from Switzerland and Norbu Sherpa, who has successfully climbed Mt. Everest seven times and has earned the title of Sirdar, met in 2011 when Andrea attempted to summit Cho Oyu with Norbu leading the way. They founded Wild Yak Expeditions in 2014, got married in 2015 and in 2016, Andrea and Norbu conquered Mt. Everest.

With Wild Yak Expeditions, Norbu and Andrea not only want to make the dreams of mountaineers and adventurous travellers come true; they also want to give something back to Nepal’s people, who may not have the same chances in life. They believe that the key to everything is education, which is why Andrea and Norbu founded the Butterfly Help Project.NORQAIN shares this belief and has committed to sending 50 children to school in 2021 and supporting them in the coming years. With earnings from the sales of NEVEREST watches, the independent brand will support more children in need through The Butterfly Help Project. The financial aid they receive through the sales of NEVEREST watches will pay for school fees, classroom material, books, uniforms, and athletic equipment.